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Many types of alarms can be monitored at the alarm monitoring centers of ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD for all models of Individuals & Businesses such as alarms, alarms for apartments, building, fire alarm system, intrusion alarm, attack.

Security Guards are specially trained to receive alarms, test alarms and relay responses according to established instructions with customers. This could, for example, involve sending out an Alarm Response Officer, alerting the fire or police department or simply notifying a customer. We also provide custodians of customer-specific alarm monitoring centers at the customer's address.

This is a brand new special security service in Vietnam. Based on a high-tech background in monitoring, alarm and surveillance cameras combined with information - communication technology, remote monitoring and protection services is a trend that will be widely applied in the coming years, especially in office complexes, urban areas, apartments and villas.

The essence of this service is to use automatic alarm, monitoring, anti-intrusion and monitoring devices to transmit suspicious signals from the subscriber's address to a processing center.


The most important advantage when using this service is that subscribers are guaranteed maximum security in all cases with a cost not higher than the cost of electricity used or monthly telecommunications charges. For investors and contractors, the cost of setting up the system is feasible while the operating time can be many years.

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