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Customers need to find a specially trained "professional security force" capable of responding to protect the key people (VIP characters) in the safest way, able to respond in situations, dangerous cases.



We proud to bring the special service that customers are looking for.

With many years of experience in the field of professional security,  ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD is proud to be one of the leading professional security service providers in Vietnam.




- As one of the most seasoned companies in Vietnam.

- Commitment to quality in accordance with professional protection standards.

- The price is affordable, suitable for the budget of domestic and foreign investors.

- Change staff within 24 hours from customer request.

- Customers are assured of life and property by a full range of insurance.

- Professional demeanor, polite and delicate behavior, neat and clean uniform.

- Staff are trained according to Japanese standards.

- Prestige, quality as our operating criteria.

Special team staff will ensure the safety of each individual customer – The security team is trained, undergoes periodic advanced training programs and is equipped with modern equipment and weapons. Vietnam's most modern armor, infrared binoculars, electric batons, stun guns, RG 88, M22 guns... for escorting activities to protect VIPs to respond to the most dangerous cases can happen.

Reasonable service fee to ensure that you receive a service that is completely commensurate with your fee.

Any emergency that occurs is always notified to the center to dispatch emergency security forces to timely support.

Our staff will notify the area situation, or suspicious cases quickly.

Security forces are trained in teamwork spirit. Therefore, any incident occurs, we are trained to coordinate as quickly and effectively as possible, reducing the risk of risk to the lowest level.

With the motto "Prestige, quality, safety and efficiency" Security services ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD always satisfy the most customers.


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