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Home security service has become increasingly an indispensable need in Vietnamese families, due to the busy work of many parents at home, so they always need someone to trust to take care of the house. door, protecting family members such as elderly parents and children.



Usually, families with conditions often have a nanny or a personal helper, as most of them are women with weak limbs, in some cases unable to ensure the safety of other members.

Security service private house   gives customers the safest choice for their home and family members. In addition, the security force can assist with some tasks such as taking care of ornamental plants, swimming pools, supervising children playing to avoid unfortunate accidents as well as helping to transport children to school. , safety.


Besides, ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES also meet the unique requirements of each family, our professionalism is always accompanied by service quality that will help customers feel secure when working. East Asia Vietnam will take care of loved ones and protect their families.


In addition, when using the private house and villa security services of ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES, customers are also committed by us: All houses have many valuable assets and items, Asia will have to make a record of property value statistics. The company receives "property insurance" for customers, in case the customer's property is lost or damaged, it will compensate.

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