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Since the country's integration into the world, we have organized many large-scale international events, received many visits from heads of countries, organizations, and famous artists. language in the world. In order for the international community to sympathize with the security situation of Vietnam, the People's Public Security force has made unremitting, regular and elite efforts, making a great contribution to maintaining stability in the political situation. Politics, social order, many large criminal organizations have been dismantled, bringing back the love of the masses and the international community.

To accompany the armed forces in maintaining security for international delegations, heads of states, artists of countries. The Board of Directors ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO.,LTD support such as: iron baton, electric baton, stun gun, rubber bullet gun ... with the desire to contribute to ensuring security and order, peace of mind and the success of customers.

Over the period of establishment and development, the company has been honored to protect a number of politicians, artists, and actors.

- Successfully defended the visit of the Queen of Denmark in April 2006.

- Protecting the visit to SONION factory (High Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City) of the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam.

- Protection of the visit to SONION factory (High Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City) of the Consul General of Denmark in Vietnam.

- Successfully defended the tour "Doosan  - Asian Dream cup 2011 in Vietnam" of players Park Ji Sung, Nakata and friends in June 2011.

- Protect actress Han Hye Jin (Beauty of “Jumong Legend”) in June 2011.

- Successfully defended the famous J.Y.J Band from the land of kimchi to Vietnam in June 2011.

Ensure that you will be completely assured of security and property when using security services of ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD.

EMERGENCY PROTECTION ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED provides a mobile quick response team ready to participate in protection tasks such as preventing illegal strikes, riots, threatening attacks..

Quick response team The Company's mobile fleet is equipped with the most modern and appropriate equipment today (Bulletproof, anti-stabbing armor, specialized shields, electric batons, rubber bullets, tear gas guns, spray cans, etc.) spicy ...) Courageous, brave, steadfast, not afraid of difficulties and dangers ASEAN East Asia is always ready to respond to all situations of our customers...


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