People Policy

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People Policy
With the principle that people are invaluable assets of the business, Security Guard Vietnam regularly opens short-term and long-term training courses with many different program contents in the specialized field of security:

- Protection profession for each different protection model

- Fire protection service

- Advanced security services

- Skill

- Management skills for captains, captains, security commanders .....

- Supervising skills

- Skills in surveying and making protection plans

- Vietnam East Asian corporate culture

- Customer service standards...

In order to strengthen, expand and update knowledge for all employees. Training to promote the full capacity and creativity, to work independently of all employees is one of the goals that Viet Nam Security is aiming for in order for the Company to grow stronger and more sustainable. steady.

East Asia Vietnam always creates a professional, healthy and friendly working environment for all employees, always accompanying them, giving them opportunities for career development and advancement opportunities.

East Asia Vietnam develops the Regulation on salary payment, the Regulation on emulation and commendation so that the company's employees can emulate, strive, motivate and unite together to fulfill their tasks well, encouraging employees to promote capacity through which salaries and bonuses are associated with competence and job completion results.

Besides, the Company always cares about the health and safety of employees through fully equipped with health insurance + social insurance + unemployment insurance 24/24, equipped with labor insurance, working facilities ..., associated With the nearest hospital the security guard works for for medical examination and treatment, the Company always organizes periodical health check-ups every year as prescribed, periodically organizes vacation tours, sightseeing tours for employees with disabilities. excellent achievement.

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