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Formerly, DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD was established in 2006 in Binh Duong. Right in the first time of operation, DONG A has exploited a number of big customers such as Metro Cash & Carry, UNILEVER Group, Saigon Trade Center, Toyota Vietnam, Banking system in Binh Duong Dong A, BIDV… Since then, it has affirmed that Dong A is a strong brand. In 2018, the company moved its headquarters to Ho Chi Minh City and quickly developed synchronously across the country Can Tho Branch project, Binh Duong branch project, Dong Nai branch project, VPKV project - Da Nang, Hanoi representative project. for the North, Central, and Southwest regions and consider this a highlight for the strong development of ASEAN DONG A . Up to now, it can be said that ASEAN DONG A has achieved certain successes for its business activities. It is a nationwide distribution network with nearly 200 customers and nearly 2,000 employees. Moreover, with a revenue of over 06 billion dong/month and total charter capital of 5.5 billion dong, it is a proof of strong financial potential to expand and develop business as well as absolutely satisfy the needs of customers. commitment of material benefits to customers. With the experience of a professional service provider, a scientific, professional and flexible working method and a good understanding of the expertise and professionalism of the collective staff of SEAN DONG A. I am committed to providing customers with a PERFECT security service, ensuring the criteria of PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - REASONABLE COST - RELIABLE PARTNER to bring peace of mind to customers.


1. ASEAN DONG A Company will be responsible for security services based on regulations, policies and procedures implemented with customers. ASEAN DONG A security service we provide security guards who have been trained according to the process of professional security, meet the requirements of your company, suitable for work in 24 hours (day and night). ), and according to the contents of the Contract signed. Security guards are trained in martial arts - basic security skills - security, first aid, and fire protection.
2.All shifts are planned for full protection, ASEAN DONG A security guards are always present at the correct location as planned. ASEAN DONG A Company always maintains the number of security guards under the contract and provides additional protection for replacement in time of need and emergencies at no extra charge.
3.Protect ASEAN DONGA Always ready to respond, support and control any emergency situations and unexpected incidents to the best of their ability, well handle situations such as disruption and loss. order, breaking into protected targets or incidents of fire, electricity, water, etc. cases of intentional theft or other acts of sabotage.
4. Area Commander - ASEAN Security Team Leader DONG A and shift leaders report regularly to your company's leadership when any emergencies or unexpected incidents occur, keep a logbook on duty. reflect daily activities and incidents at the protection target. In addition, we will notify and recommend issues related to security and order protection and fire safety to the leadership and responsible people.
5. Security ASEAN DONG A monitors the entry and exit of people and vehicles, employees and customers at the target of protection based on the rules and regulations set out by your company, to prevent the transportation illegally transferring assets owned by your Company out illegally with the spirit of always ready to support and help employees and guests to transact at the Company.
6.In the event of a fire, ASEAN DONG A's Security staff will command and participate directly in fighting the fire with your company's firefighting team, using available equipment (fire extinguishers, water hoses). , sand and other fire-fighting equipment) that the company equips until the professional fire-fighting force arrives. ASEAN DONG A Security Officers will transition from command to combined command and assist in evacuation, guiding all staff and customers to safely leave the fire area in the event of an emergency. a big fire occurs.
7. Security ASEAN DONG A will on behalf of your company develop close relationships with the police, local authorities, fire protection police and emergency facilities in the area. When necessary, will support and act as a bridge in discussions and negotiations between the Board of Directors of your company and local authorities.


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