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1. Preventing customers from loss and risk of property, people, brand, reputation...

2. Customers can cut costs on:

. Recruitment and training costs

. Direct and indirect management costs.

. Cost of uniforms, supporting tools, stationery...

. Salary costs and salary allowances

. Social welfare, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance

. Overtime pay, night work, holidays...

. The salary increase, seniority regimes.

. Severance allowance, job loss, labor accident...

3. Freely available support forces such as Rapid Response Team – Monitoring Team when item

Security targets have problems, customers have opening events, exhibitions, seminars...

4. Security guards are fully equipped with protective equipment and have security equipment systems

Others are ready to support 24/7.

5. Willing to compensate for lost property damage if it's employee's fault

protected within 7 days


1. Customers can compact the personnel apparatus such as: Human resources for management, Human resources for security

security, relevant personnel...

2. All recruitment, human resource arrangement, management, inspection and supervision of security forces

security… are all in charge of ASEAN DA.

3. Professional security services are very flexible in terms of time and personnel.

4. The protection contract is started and ended in a convenient and fast way

at the request of customers.

5. Security guards can be replaced immediately for any reason without

bound by contract.

6. Customers can grasp the operation situation of the business through the

periodic and unusual reports of the Commander of the Guard.

7. The ASEAN DA has always maintained a good relationship with the local government, with prompt support from the local armed forces.


1. Benefits of spiritual values: Professional security guards give customers the night

peace of mind both while working and at rest.

2. Administration benefits: Protecting assets for customers, establishing and maintaining order and organization of


3. Cultural value benefits: Security guards contribute to the customer's company culture

customers through communication, behavior and professional service every day.

4. Benefits of professionalism: The security company is professional, so employees are trained

professional – working professionally – dealing with professional problems.

5. Brand benefits: Cooperating with ASEAN East Asia, customer's brand will

enhanced through the professional image of security guards

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