What is the difference between professional security and internal protection?

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Currently, when going to big cities or events, you will certainly easily see images of security guards present, performing guard duties, ensuring security for buildings, headquarters or offices. . However, how to distinguish insider protection and professional protection? What is the difference between these two jobs? Find out with us now!

The concept of types of protection
Before learning about the differences between these two types of protection, let's learn about the concept of in-house protection and professional protection below:

Internal protection
Internal protection is understood as a team whose role is to ensure the safety and security of a certain individual or an agency or organization. Internal security is recruited by the same unit and bears the responsibilities related to salary payment, training, paying social health insurance costs.

Interior security guards are usually only trained with basic knowledge related to security or work based on experience. Absolutely no professional training courses.

professional security
Professional security is understood as security guards under the management of a professional security company. This team is fully trained in knowledge related to skills, profession, first aid and professional rescue. Therefore, a team of professional security guards can fully participate in security in many different positions such as event security, building protection, construction protection...

Because they are trained and have full certificates of skills, businesses can completely trust and use security services from professional security companies.

The difference between professional protection and internal protection
Although the same task of ensuring security and safety for the target, internal protection and professional protection also have certain differences. As follows:

Professional difference
In terms of professionalism and expertise, if using internal security, it will take a long time for businesses to recruit as well as train skills and expertise to ensure employees have enough credibility. These problems all need to be expensive to go to professional security service companies to learn, so it will take a lot of time and effort.

With professional security services, businesses only need to agree and sign a contract, they can completely use professional human resources with full professional skills such as: observation skills, communication skills, skills Rescue, emergency handling skills…

Security hire costs
If using internal protection, businesses will have to pay lower costs for human resources because the use of labor without intermediaries. But it has to pay the costs of social insurance, health insurance ... for employees.

When using professional security services, the company will have a higher cost, but there will be no training costs and no need to worry about insurance costs for employees.

Working time
With internal protection, working hours per day will be longer and employees are ready to work overtime when required. However, if an employee is sick, it will be difficult for the company to arrange a replacement.

With professional services, the security company will arrange a clear working time. If an employee leaves, the company will immediately arrange a replacement for the employee, ensuring the service is provided by the company's dedicated service.

Working spirit
With internal security guards, most will lose their enthusiasm to work after a period of dedication. Therefore, they tend to quit after a few years of dedication, which will cost the business and take time to retrain new employees.

With a security service from a professional company, if the business using the service has anything unsatisfied with the employee, it is completely possible to request a replacement immediately to ensure security, no need to spend money. retraining time as internal service.

As society develops, the trend of using professional security at businesses and headquarters is higher and higher than before. With professional services, which can be easily negotiated and no need to manage staff, businesses will prioritize using security services instead of internal security guards who take too much time to protect themselves. management as well as complex insurance documents.

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