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Currently on the market there are many  security companies  operating in the business of  professional security services. But in all, how many companies have enough elements to be called professional protection units???

This question may not have an exact answer, because when traders always have many ways to convince their customers that one is a professional security unit.

Or there are many units that lower the cost of protection to sign a contract, customers may accidentally get entangled in one of the above factors, so they have used the services of businessmen, resulting in poor quality. .

According to a survey of them from successful units in the field of security services , individuals commented that a unit with good service quality needs to have the following factors converging:

1. The Board of Directors of the company must be passionate about the profession
Having a specific company development orientation, having a thoughtful financial plan, building a company image with an orientation towards quality, not quantity. Develop personnel so that they are suitable for the management department, avoiding massive development, exceeding the management framework staff.

2. Experienced staff
Concentrating officers with experience in security work, especially in the professional department, in order to maintain the style and rules of the security company and the governing body.

3. Recruitment work
Recruitment and training need to be thorough. Because it is an important step leading to the success of a security company.

The departments of "security training" need to focus on such stages as: fire prevention and fighting, security operations, methods of handling arising situations, methods of making incident records, understanding the law, and appropriate communication. judge…

For recruitment, candidates must be healthy, have no criminal record, have good qualities and really want to do a genuine job.

A very important factor for recruiters. Honesty - Transparency - Professional ethics from words of action if employees have good expertise without one of the above factors, it is difficult to get good employees.

4. Salary and bonus regime
The salary and bonus regime for officers and employees, for "security guards" when coming to a security business to work for a long time or not, these factors determine 80%, if a company has the following policies: With good incentives, that enterprise can attract quality labor.

5. Outfits

Costumes for  professional security company  always aim for their employees to have a beautiful image, from hair, clothes, belts… any company that invests in sync  from shoes, socks to the image of security guards. beautiful in the eyes of customers.

6. Employee retraining
Employee re-training, after the employee has worked for a period of time, the professional department must be responsible for re-training their employees, can train at the security company, train at the target job. work, in order to grasp the weak points in the work…

7. Consult with customers

Meeting and collecting opinions of customers to know the problems and take corrective measures. Always listen to the constructive opinions of customers and have a plan close to reality…

There are also other factors that can affect the quality of security services such as working intensity, working environment, working time, etc.

All of the above factors lead to the quality of employees of professional security companies, managers must have regimes to care about employee life, supervise and direct in a timely manner.

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