Some things to keep in mind when hiring a security company's services

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Because of the need to ensure security and order, security services have become extremely necessary, especially in buildings, banks, amusement parks,... However, because many companies are now open. out this service. If not carefully studied, it is very easy to lead to unsafety and affect business and business.

Get an overview of the company
The first note when choosing a security company is that you need to learn carefully about the company's history. This is a rather special type of service, the exchange factor is people, not goods. Therefore, it is necessary to consider many aspects to have an accurate assessment.

If a company does business in security services, the most important thing is working style and problem-solving skills. Because, the characteristics of this profession have some similarities with the army, it needs a serious working attitude and must be disciplined.

Some companies like Phi Long Hai are not really, the leaders are cadres who used to work in the Ministry of Public Security. So the way to recruit employees also has its own style, mainly military or police. All are trained in security, martial arts, fire protection, first aid, ... or handling emergency situations.

As for the seniority of the operation, it is best to choose a security company established for 3 years or more. Because if a good service, in 3 years that company will stand firm and thrive. At the same time, the company must have all kinds of papers on license, certificate of eligibility for legal service business.

Background review and professional check
Unlike other professions, security services sometimes involve the life of the client. Therefore, customers need to check the professionalism of the staff, before deciding to hire.

Occupations here include:

How to communicate: You can't hire a security guard who keeps talking and laughing. Communication is to be standard, communicate within the scope of your work and communicate so that people around you appreciate your professionalism.

Uniform: The security guard always wears a uniform of serious colors, just looking at the costume is partly to assess the discipline, which the guard has been trained before.

Background: Look carefully at the profile of each security company employee. Of course, a profile is just the surface, but that surface will reflect a person's working style.

Is the use of protective tools proficient, problem-solving skills flexible?

Current security guards are able to communicate in foreign languages ​​quite well.

So, don't think that the security company is just looking for tall, handsome or pretty people. These staff are all well-trained, highly qualified and have education levels from intermediate to university.

Services that the security company provides
A reputable and quality protection company always has many services. Depending on the needs of the customer, the company will advise and assist you in choosing the appropriate security force.

With simple goals such as offices, buildings, events, ... the most necessary is patrolling and monitoring to prevent damage to property, to ensure order and security. And the guard here is also responsible for guiding, giving directions and solving problems.

With complex goals such as money, other valuable assets or people. At this time, the bodyguard needs more skills, because the protection range will expand, difficult to observe and be in danger at any time. Especially when traveling on the street, crowded people are more likely to cause negligence.

Commitment and support
In addition to providing good employees, reputable companies will have customer service attached. Among them are ASEAN DONG A SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD
With the working motto "Behind you is our responsibility". Security operations at the company must always be updated regularly, to match the actual security and order situation of Vietnam.

The most important commitment from the security company is professional ethics and loyalty. So, with reputable companies, you will immediately receive this sure statement.

In addition, one more consideration when choosing a security company is to consider whether the company has a quick response team. This mobile team will be available 24/7, ready to respond to emergency situations such as: Fire, riot, demonstration, ...

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