Information you need to know about building security services

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What is a building security service?
Currently, there are two most common types of buildings, which are high-rise buildings for businesses to rent and apartment buildings where people live and work. Both of these types of buildings, have high density, many components and diverse activities.

Protect the apartment
So the task of the security service here is to ensure security, order and maintain stability in accordance with the building rules.

With high-end apartments - million-dollar Penthouses, for example, protecting this place is indispensable. You also know that it is the residence of the rich, who have a lot of money and they often go on business trips. Therefore, there must be a team of professional security guards who have a certain level of expertise, moreover, they must communicate well in foreign languages.

Office building
The security service here will have the main task of guiding customers. Because, there are buildings that are really too grandiose, too luxurious. If you are a newcomer, it is too difficult to find the address of the company or transaction point you need.

In the lobby, there are always tall, handsome security guards who are model-standard. But the working style is very serious, ready to guide wholeheartedly. But of course they just do their duty, extremely professional style.

Particularly for high-rise buildings with foreign businesses, such as consulates of countries or joint venture companies. The security forces here will make you really satisfied, from the costumes to the excellent way of communicating in English. If you consider the working space alone, you will not be surprised because the professional qualifications have gone through a rigorous selection process.

Types of building security services today
Currently, at reputable  building security services, will provide tenants with 6 different services, used to protect the building. That is:

Guard the main gate

Do not allow strangers, unauthorized people to enter the building

Coordination of means of transport

Guard the lobby

Receiving parcels and letters

Instructions and instructions for those who need to contact the building

Elevator security

Particularly in the elevator, there is always a constant flow of people up and down. So, just being negligent, it is very easy to have a situation of theft or bad actors sneaking in to disrupt security.

And this is where a security force is needed, not only to ensure the safety of people coming, but also to guide when someone needs help.

Check the elevator regularly

When there is a problem at the elevator, the security guard will be the one to support and report to the relevant technical department.

Protection between floors

Control devices for general security

Remind and monitor office (building for rent) or apartment (apartment), hygiene, safety issues and taboos.

Camera monitoring

Quickly detect thieves, fire or other security incidents.

This job requires a keen eye and technical knowledge of monitoring equipment, otherwise it will be difficult to recognize the problem the building is facing.

Patrol the areas

Go patrol the whole building

General monitoring of activities

Protect garage, entrance gate

Control vehicle access to the building

Arrange parking spaces and park vehicles in the right places.

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